Carver Elementary School

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About Our School

Carver Elementary is fully accredited according to the State of Virginia Standards of Learning, and has earned Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) according to the No Child Left Behind Act. We applaud the interest and dedication of our Carver parents, students, faculty and staff.

Our success is not just in our tested grade levels -- it starts as our kindergarten and first grade teachers lay a strong foundation for learning and builds through each grade level. The efforts toward our accreditation goal are shared by all of the Carver faculty and staff. Carver teachers care about their students, and constantly challenge them to rise to their full potential. Carver staff continually integrates SOL material into all facets of student learning. Our school has incorporated several learning strategies and skills to keep our students on the path to success.

  • Reading Recovery (1:1 teaching)
  • Reading First program and coach
  • Tutoring Program
  • ILA & PALs Assistants
  • Title I Services
  • Guided Reading Program
  • Brain Gym
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills Focus
  • Good Citizenship Program
  • Carver Extended Day Program
  • Math Clinics
  • Technology Integration
  • Peer Coaching
  • Morning Show Production Team
  • DARE Program
  • Team Teaching
  • Teacher Study Groups
  • SES After School Tutoring

Uniforms at Carver

Carver Elementary School enforces a Uniform Dress Code Policy. With your help, we can ensure that all students wear their uniforms each day. Please note our uniform guidelines:


  • Pants - Navy, black, or khaki slacks or shorts (shorts must be fingertip length).
  • Shirts - Any solid color polo or oxford-type (NO EMBLEMS).
  • Shoes - Sneakers or hard-sole shoes. Socks are required.
  • Other - Solid-colored sweaters or hoodies during fall/winter (NO EMBLEMS).


  • Bottoms - Navy, black, or khaki slacks, skirts, or shorts (skirts and shorts must be fingertip length).
  • Shirts/Blouses - Any solid color polo or oxford-type or any solid-colored blouse (NO EMBLEMS).
  • Shoes - Sneakers or hard-sole shoes. Socks are required. Boots are allowed during winter.
  • Other - Solid-colored sweaters or hoodies during fall/winter (NO EMBLEMS).
Please note: Wednesdays are school-spirit days. On Wednesdays, students may wear school tee shirts with uniform pants, shorts, skirts, or jumpers.

Carver History

george_washington_carverCarver was built in 1954, and named for the famous African-American Scientist, George Washington Carver. Carver Elementary School has been through many changes.  We've been:

1954-1971: Carver Elementary, Grades 1-7
1971-1981: Carver Intermediate, Grades 4-7
1981-1989: Carver Middle, Grades 6-8
1989-present: Carver Elementary, Grades K-5

Carver Elementary School was built and opened by Principal Sadie Marie Yancey in 1954 with grades one through seven. Crittenden Middle School, next door to Carver, used to be Carver High School. In 1981, Carver was renamed Carver Middle School for students in grades six through eight.

In 1989, Carver became Carver Elementary School again, with students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

Carver has had many changes to the building over the past 50 years. There has been a new Media Center (our library), an enlarged Cafeteria (our dining room), the middle school addition for shop, family living and foreign language classes. In 1994, four classrooms were added for kindergarten, and since, four more classes were added for first grade.


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