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Student Resources

SOL Skills


Raleigh Court SOL Practice
Lots of different review activites by subject area, as well as links to other review sites. Scroll down to asubject area, click on an activity and have fun!


Jefferson Labs SOL Practice
Jefferson Lab has created LOTS of Science, Math and Technology practice tests! Choose how many questions, choose your subject and get ready to practice!


Tabb Elementary SOL Practice
Choose a subject area, then scroll down and choose a grade level. Pick a quick quiz for a quick review!


Choose your grade level from the right side menu, then choose the activity you want to work on. Lots of links!


Poquoson SOL Practice
You can choose to take an SOL Practice test with released items by clicking the grade level IQ, or go to some fun review activites by choosing a subject area activities from the top.


Chester the Crab
Find all of your favorite SOL-ution activities with Chester the Crab here! Each comic has hidden links to other web pages with even more information about the topic, so don't be afraid to move your mouse around!

SOL Practice Tests

The state of Texas has online tests in the same format and by the same publisher as the Virginia SOL tests. These are excellent student practice tests, to take online or print and do as a seat actvity!


3rd grade Reading Test


5th grade Reading Test


3rd grade Math Test


5th grade Math Test


4th grade Reading Test


4th grade Writing Test


4th grade Math test


5th grade Science Test



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