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Little Explorer Picture Dictionary
Click on a letter at the top of the window and you'll see a paage of words that start with that letter. Click the word you want for a sentence, definition and illustration!


Phonics and Word Study Games
Show what you know! Show your knowledge of letters, sounds and words in these activities, divided by grade level.


Onine Dictionary
Type in a word and read the defintion! You can even hear the pronounciation! Sponsored by the American Heritage Dictionary.


Fun With Words
Words, words, words- this website teaches you all about words! Lots of games on parts of speech, and games like hangman, mad-libs, and word magnets!


Education Place
The Reading Frist series from Houghton Mifflin has pages and links for students by grade level. Click on your grade level, then choose your theme.


Earobics Game Goo
Earobics activities aren't just for Kindergarten and first grade- here are activities for our more advanced learners (3-5). Have fun learning playing these games!


Online Thesaurus
Need to find another word for "nice?" Can't think of the exact word you want to use? Use the online thesaurus to make your writing descriptive and interesting!
The BEST English-learners site online! Lots of activities for grammar, verbs, spelling, vocabulary, reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary and more!


The Rhyme Zone
Need a rhyming word? Use this online rhyming dictionary!
Great games for primary students (K-2)- from Alphabet Zoo to Treasure Trove! Have fun learning and playing!



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