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Student Resources


Practice Sites


AAA Math
Math Games and Puzzles, by grade level and subject


Slider Math
Want to work on your math skills? Begin where you feel comfortable and work your way up! Lots of fun games to help you learn new things!


A+ Math
Includes a game room, test math skills with flashcards or review Math vocabulary.


Specific Place Values
Learn how to find the exact place value of a digit in a number.


A great resource for working on number basics, fractions, number lines, ratios and other math stuff!


Rainforest Math
Interactive Math activities for Kindergarten through 6, on all Math strands!


Math Games
Great games for primary students (K-2) to work on their math skills.




Mathematics Glossary
Need to know what a math word means?
Try this Math glossary!
Click a grade to start, then look up the word.


Absolutely the BEST and most fun way to review multiplcation facts! Explore the galaxy while solving multiplcation problems. And if you need help, click on the grid to show the coordinates and get the answer!


Max's Math adventures
From Scholastic. Help Max and his friends problem solve in these exciting adventures!


Telling TIme
Work with Snapdragon to set the clock to the time shown!


Fun Brain Math Games
Play Soccer Shootout to test your fraction skills, or Cookie Dough to write numbers and make a cookie fortune. Seventeen fun games to practice and review math skills!


Create a Graph
Choose from area, bar, line and pie chart. Then input your data and the site will create a printable graph for you!


Brain teasers
From the Houghton-Mifflin Education place! A new brain teaser every Wednesday.


Math Dictionary for Kids
Click the word on the left to see the definition and an example!


CoolMath for Kids
An amusement park of math and more- designed for fun, fun, fun! Math games, lessons, brain benders and more!


Math Cats
Join the Math Cats in exploring Math! Explore the World takes you to Old Egyptian Math Cats, MicroWorlds takes you to interactive projects, Math Crafts gives you activities to show what you know, and the attic has lots of info on terminology!



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